Losing weight with health lifestyle

When we refer to weight losing approaches, firstly people think about dieting. Commonsense will tell you that if you eat less, automatically you will lose weight. Well, that’s not entirely false.

In order for you body to start losing weight, there are so many factors contributing into the process; to name a few, type of food you eat, daily activities you do, sleep pattern and quality, stress level, your body type, mental balance, etc. So if you only focus on one factor, that might not be the best or effective way to go.

For example, if you just want to starve yourself (because you believe that without food your body will lose weight), you will stress yourself out, increasing stress hormone in which in turn will burn less calories out of your body. Furthermore, you will lose your sleep, you will have no energy to do anything which also makes your body weak and burn less calories. And maybe, at the end of the week, you will lose 1-2 kg from not eating and stressing yourself out. But how long can you endure this path of not eating? Most importantly, is that even good to treat your body that way? I guess not…

I always say to all my clients that it took you so many years to gain these unwanted weights, why do you expect it to go away so easily? The accumulation of kilos after kilos coming from bad lifestyle including (but not limit to) bad eating, no exercise, bad sleep, high stress, and all of the bad things you could possibly do to yourself. I mean, come on, be realistic here…

Encouraging people to change and able to sustain a healthy lifestyle is my strongest suggestion. When you live your life in a loving way (to yourself and people around you), you want to choose good things to your body; eat good, sleep good, exercise moderately, and just enjoy life. Those are much more effective than any other dieting you could have.

What to look for if you want to get started with living a healthy lifestyle?

  1. Love yourself a lot, accept yourself and allow yourself to just be. Don’t judge yourself. Negative emotions store in the body parts such as stomach area, tights, and buttock
  2. Find a physical activity that you like. If you have to do something you don’t like, it will not sustain and that can’t be part of a healthy life style. I love to schedule myself to a dance class, Pilates, natural walks, bicycling, martial arts classes, etc. Those are great way to enjoy your body and learn some new skills!
  3. Get plenty of sleep and water. Have a ritual for sleep so you can get a good quality of sleep. Don’t sleep late because you tend to eat at night and that’s the extra weight there. Drink at least 3L of water daily. We are made partly (major part!) of water so replenishing is the key!
  4. Give yourself 10-20 minutes a day to meditate or sit in a quite place to get in touch with your inner self.
  5. Eat natural food, mainly vegetables, eat meat with caution and in moderate amount, no fried food please. Natural food is very easy to distinguish. If it comes from nature, it goes bad within a short period of time. If it can stay in a shelf, it is probably not gonna get processed in your body.

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