Meal Planning with Juice Queen

Because we understand how important it is to eat well, especially if you have a strict fitness goals (or just want to live healthy).

At Juice Queen, we also provide a meal planning service including free daily delivery (in servicing area.) Our service is popular among Samui-resident fitness enthusiasts as well as short-term visitors who want to make sure their calories are cooked right.

A customer only needs to let us know their daily calories (or macro) intake, food preferences, food allergies and number of meals a day needed. Carefully, our team will calculate nutrition serving per box, translate into a recipe and then present it to the customer. If the customer agrees to the plan, then the delivery starts as soon as confirmed!

Image of healthy food as served at Juice Queen Cafe Koh Samui

Eating healthy while in Koh Samui is so easy. Contact and have a chat with us and see how can we help. Call 086.494.2465 or email [email protected]