Healthy Food Samui

Welcome to Juice Queen Cafe, our healthy food restaurant in Koh Samui.

Welcome to Juice Queen Cafe, Koh Samui. My healthy food restaurant has been a labour of love. Starting from my own back kitchen in Samui I originally started looking into healthy food alternatives after suffering from digestive problems for many years. Later on I discovered that I had a tumor in my stomach. After changing to a cold-pressed juice program and healthy natural foods I managed to fight off my tumor and my digestive system returned to its normal healthy function.

I hope that customers at my restaurant will also reap the health benefits of my healthy food recipes, as well as enjoy the atmosphere and chance to socialise. You are always welcome so please, do come along and join us!

An image of the type of healthy food you might find at Juice Queen Cafe - Healthy food Samui
A sample of the deliciousness on offer

Homemade Healthy Food

We cook our healthy food from scratch, so you don’t have to worry about MSG, food additives, preservatives, or sugar added. Come and try our healthy food at our restaurant on Chaweng main road in Koh Samui. We’re sure you’ll agree that it tastes so good!

An image of bircher muesli as served at Juice Queen Cafe, Koh Samui.
Bircher Muesli

Food Preferences

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or keto, if you let our cook know once at the shop, you can always customize any dish on the menu to your diet preferences.

An image someone eating a plate of food, the type on offer at Juice Queen Cafe.
A sample of the type of healthy food we offer at Juice Queen Cafe

Original Recipes

The majority of the items on our menu – including salad, juices and hot dishes – are original recipes. You will not find this deliciousness anywhere else. All of our dishes are carefully crafted and are the same foods that I feed to family at home.

An birds-eye view of healthy food Samui on a table at Juice Queen Cafe

Meal Plan

For fitness peeps, we can calculate calories and macros catered to your needs. Email us for customized pricing at

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Have your healthy food delivered direct to your doorstep!

We offer healthy food delivery in Samui!

When you are in Koh Samui, stop by at our shop located on Chaweng main road a few hundred meters away from Tesco Lotus (towards Lamai) just before Chaweng Post Office and Samui Soccer Arena. Call the shop at +(0)86 494 2465 for direction and advanced order or visit our contact page for more contact options.
Business hours: Mon-Sat, 8 am – 4 pm
**We close on Sundays.**