Healthy Food Feast in Koh Samui at Juice Queen

One thing that we at Juice Queen are very proud of is that fact that our food is made from scratched, no frozen, and no additives used during the process of cooking. Our food are homemade recipes, no commercial items as other places.

Unlike other restaurants on the island, Juice Queen promises to provide ‘health benefits to its customers’ before any business’s reasons. For the Juice Queen Team, the best possible food comes in terms of freshness, healthiest, best quality ingredients and of course delicious tastes. Add all of that can achieve with simply natural ingredients available locally. We don’t believe in additives and exaggeration of food taste from un-natural sources.

Delicious and freshly cooked healthy dishes at Juice Queen

Next time when you are visiting the island or if you are already living here, come and join our real and healthy food and cold-pressed juices at Juice Queen. We are very excited to meet you!

Business hours: Mon-Sat 08:00 – 16:00
Call: 086.494.2465