Awareness When Eating

Most times, we eat when we are bored, happy, sad, stressed, or maybe just because it is 6 pm and you used to be eating dinner around that time. Honestly, how many times we eat because we are really feel hungry?

When sitting at a restaurant (or at your home), they serve you a plate of food, then you start to eat. By the time you’ve realized, you finished the plate. It was an okay meal….

But did you know (before finishing the meal) what have they put in the plate for you? How big that piece of the chicken, how much oil, what oil, what vegetables, how did it cook? I mean did you ever pay attention to what you put in your mouth? After all, what you put in your mouth becomes YOU!!! Don’t you wanna know?

I often remind my clients to be aware of what you eat before you eat it. You don’t need to count all the calories religiously but I recommend that you know the size, the weights, etc. Honestly, it is good to know in the beginning and get used to the portion you should be eating. Otherwise, you will be eating until you are really full and that’s often way too much.

My Sunday Breakfast – 430 Calories

For example, this was my breakfast on Sunday. This plate is about 430 calories; 17g crabs, 20g fat, 37g protein. A bit too much on the protein side on one serving I would say but that’s okay because I will go ahead and reduce the protein on my next meal. See! If you learn to manage your meal, everything will be in control.

Normally on weekdays, I would eat more carbs in the morning because I train in the morning. Then I would take more protein in my meal after workout, for example. And that’s the kind of thinking I always teach to my clients; to be flexible, to be able to have confidence in choosing rights things and right amounts for your body.

I tell you one thing that when you go eat outside, nobody will tell you exactly how much oil they put. Have you ever noticed your food is so oily? Guys, if it looks oily, it is probably full of oil. You see my breakfast in the picture above? I used butter 3g and it hardly showed any oil on my eggs. Now imagine your latest breakfast at your latest restaurant…….. Weren’t they super oily? Now can you guess how many calories of fat you must have been eating there? No wonder that tummy and love-handles are so difficult to rid of.

So, if you are looking to treat yourself better with a better knowledge and understanding about food, let me know. Juice Queen is here to help! Send us email [email protected] and I will personally guide you to your journey!