About Juice Queen


Starting Juice Queen

Kwang has started her Juice Queen in the back of her kitchen on the island paradise of Samui, Thailand. Back then there was no such thing as cold-pressed juice in Thailand, Kwang did it on her own because she used to do it since when living in Los Angeles, California.

Starting small and exclusively online, Juice Queen moved into its first shop in Chaweng in early 2014. After first opening, Juice Queen has delivered freshly made organic cold-pressed juices in Koh Samui since until 2015 when she decided to expend her shop to Bangkok.


Original Juice Queen Since 2014


Meet Juice Queen

"It is always better to meet me in person 🙂
You are all welcome at my shop in Koh Samui where I live my happy and healthy life."

Kwang Timmers


Founder of Juice Queen

I used to have a big issue with my digestive system since I was at young age. Later on in life, I found out I had a tumor. 6 months after changing my diet and start to juicing, the tumor disappeared and my digestive system had restored to its prime.

Now I love to cook, experiencing new ingredients to create new menu all the time. I also love to do CrossFit and occasionally train to compete! I enjoy living my healthy life the fullest!